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I had problems getting an erection for a pretty long time. I always had the fear of getting side effects and wasn't ready to get any treatment due to my bashfulness too. Discussing such problems has always made me feel that way. Now I thank my wife for introducing me to The Encore Clinic. Consulting with the doctors felt like I’m talking to a friend. The treatment worked wonders for me. I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone who has been looking for a way to get back to a normal sex drive.
Davis P.
Came across this center while I was just casually searching for some pills and different ways to get rid of erectile dysfunction. And believe me, these people stick to whatever they claim. I still can’t believe I no longer need to consume those pills, giving me a temporary boost. My erectile dysfunction problems are now forever gone. I just can't thank them enough.
M. Cook
It's been quite some time now since the day I got their HSDD treatment and it has undoubtedly made a difference. What I liked the most about them is, they are good listeners. I have been using their medication plan from last 3 months. As of now, I have not experienced any side-effects. Since I’ve started regaining my sexual interest, my dosage has also decreased. Let’s see how it goes.
Kelly B.
Never knew it was this simple to treat my ED. At first, I thought it's gonna take ages to at least see slight results. That's why I was more inclined towards Viagra and all those pills. I don’t know how they did it, but I’m really surprised to see the positive effects. I don’t even want to imagine what I would have been doing If I didn’t find this center. I highly recommend their services, especially for erectile dysfunction.
Mike C.
Unlike many of those centers, they don’t claim to be the best and make promises that sound too good to be true. All I want to say is, they know their job really well and you'll realize it just by communicating with them. Calling them that day is still one of the best decisions I have made.
J. McFarland
I consulted various doctors for my husband's erectile dysfunction issues and singled out the The Encore Clinic. Right after talking to one of their experts (I wish I could remember the name), we decided to visit their center and started the treatment the same day. What I'd like to mention is not only is their approach towards ED treatment safe, precise, and personalized, the prices are pretty affordable as well.
Jay W.


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