At The Encore Clinic, sexual wellness is our primary concern. We understand that a woman’s confidence is enhanced by her femininity, which includes feeling attractive and desirable and having a healthy appetite for sexual activity. However, over time, both physical and mental issues can lessen a woman’s desire for intimacy for extended periods, resulting in Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD). 

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) Treatment

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) is a medical term used for various types of diminished sexual desire. Hypoactive means a decline in contemplative or physical activity and is defined as the persistent and recurrent loss of appetite in sexual activity, sexual thoughts, and sexual stimulation, causing heightened stress in the woman. This clinically significant stress can involve sadness, a sense of grief, and feelings of incompetence, loss, and frustration.

HSDD affects about 10% of women across all age groups, and men can also be affected by low sexual desire. If you’ve been experiencing symptoms of HSDD, The Encore Clinic can improve your sexual health and transform your life. Our personalized treatment for HSDD restore your sensuality and allow you again to enjoy the most intimate parts of your life regardless of age, most health conditions, and sexual orientation.

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder is also diagnosed when the woman’s symptoms cannot be attributed to a different sexual disorder, medications, or medical and psychological conditions. Another facet of an HSDD diagnosis is that these interest deficiencies and responses last six months or longer.

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What causes sexuality and desire, or lack thereof, is a complicated analysis that changes throughout a woman’s life. Sexual identity, desire, arousal, orgasm, emotional satisfaction, and intention are all involved. We understand that specific regions and functions in the brain regulate sexual desire—neurotransmitters, such as dopamine and melanocortin, help in processing sexual stimulation. Contrarily, sexual inhabitation systems involving brain opioids and other substances restrict sexual excitement impulses.

Symptoms of HSDD in Female


Having a low libido alone does not necessarily mean a woman has hypoactive sexual desire disorder. HSDD also always includes experiencing high-stress levels due to having a low sex drive (lack of sexual desire), which is crucial in establishing a diagnosis. However, the two conditions are often related, and the terms HSDD, low libido, and low sex drive are sometimes used interchangeably. Women can have low libido, or low sex drive, at various times in their lives and relationships. Low libido is different for each woman, and one's lack of interest in sex isn't something that can be readily quantified. A woman's claim may be less than what is normal for her, and what is "normal" can evolve throughout a woman's life.


We understand the emotional turmoil associated with HSDD and the desire to keep sexual dysfunction a secret for fear of judgment or others’ inability to relate. Fortunately, HSDD in Female is not uncommon and can be treated effectively by correcting underline issues. Our experienced and caring professionals will guide and support you through your personalized treatment plan as you reclaim your masculinity and transform your life.

Starting with an in-depth consultation, medical history questionnaire, and a review of your medical records, we then diagnose the root causes of your symptoms. Following this, we design a medical plan that treats the direct cause(s) of HSDD and improves your sexual attitude and performance. These steps are a groundbreaking approach to restoring and sustaining your sexual health for life. 


The Encore Clinic is a sexual wellness center in Denver, Colorado that focuses on treating the root causes of sexual dysfunction in men and women.  The most important aspect of our sexual wellness services includes knowing that our clients are unique individuals with various medical histories that require distinct levels of tailored care. Not all sexual dysfunction prescriptions effectively produce the same results for all women. Our personalized approach to diagnosing and treating your unique condition is why The Encore Clinic is the best option for your ongoing treatment. 

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