Best Way for ED Treatment without Pills

Although most men feel shy to talks about the problems related with their private parts, yet some dysfunctions are surprisingly common. Yes, we are talking about erectile dysfunction. Over 30 per cent of men between the age group 40 and 70 experience trouble achieving or maintaining an erection. Most men assume that erectile dysfunction or ED is a psychological problem. Researches carried out to find its root causes suggest that vascular problems are the most common cause of the dysfunction. Moreover, the underlying problems of ED often put men at risk of development of other serious medical problems.

Erectile Dysfunction: What is it?

Men experience erectile dysfunction or ED when his penis fails to have an erection. Approximately, 30 million US men suffer from erectile dysfunction in India. It is more common among men who are:

  • Older;
  • Overweight and obese;
  • Suffering from chronic health conditions like diabetes or hypertension;
  • Experienced an injury in their spinal cord, penis or pelvis;
  • Take over the counter medications for treating depression and blood pressures;
  • Suffering from anxiety or stress; and
  • Smokes

A person suffering from ED can seek treatment at The Encore Clinic, the best ED clinic in Denver; however, the treatment depends on the cause. Often medical practitioners prescribe medications, surgery and other methods. Even lifestyle changes and other natural treatments often improve erectile dysfunction.

How Does ED Treatment Center Help in Treating ED Naturally?

Erectile dysfunction cure is possible through natural treatments, where a person suffering from the dysfunction does not require consuming medicines. The natural method of ED ranges from lifestyle changes, such as modifying the diet and exercises, to getting relationship counseling.

Experts recommend talking to a doctor before switching to any new method of male ED treatment. The doctor helps in identifying the cost of your ED, and recommend effective treatments options.

The best men’s ED clinic helps in treating people naturally through the following remedies:

Modifying the Diet

A balanced diet helps in maintaining the sexual functions and reduces the risk of development of erectile dysfunctions. A study conducted in 2020 states that men following a Mediterranean diet or the Alternative Healthy Eating Index 2010 diet have less chances of developing an ED. The diet contains less red or processed meat and primarily consists of a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and fish. A research conducted in 2017 found that consuming healthy foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and flavonoids lowers the risk of ED in younger men, especially between the age group of 18 and 40. As these foods helps in maintaining overall health, the doctors at the best erectile dysfunction clinic in Denver also suggests patients to consume similar diets.


Research states that physical activities help protecting against the development and improving the ED. Exercises are effective in treating ED caused due to obesity, inactivity, or cardiovascular diseases. According to a 2018 research review, men performing moderate-to-intense aerobic exercises a at least 40 minutes a day for six months experienced reduction in ED. Exercises like running, brisk walking, swimming, cycling and skiing helps in reducing ED. Physical activities helps in keeping the blood vessels healthy, lowers stress, increases testosterone, which are extremely helpful in easing ED.

Better Sleep

Enough sound sleep each night is necessary for your overall health. Maintaining your sleep time and getting enough sleep helps in reducing ED. Research conducted in 2017 states that men engaged in night shifts and having poor sleep quality, were at higher risk of developing ED. Another study conducted in 2015, indicated that people having a sleep disorder had greater risk of developing ED. Obstructive sleep apnea also increases the chances of increased ED. Lack of sleep lowers the testosterone levels, which often contribute to ED. Furthermore, sustained lack of sleep often leads to chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes, which are some of the leading cause of ED.

Quitting Smoking

For several ED patients ceasing the habit of smoking is an effective erectile dysfunction cure, especially when you are suffering from vascular disease. When you develop vascular disease, the blood supply to the penis becomes restricted because of the blockage or narrowing of the arteries. Smoking and even consumption of smokeless tobacco result in narrowing of the important blood vessels, which cause a negative impact.


Often physical and psychological issues, such as fear of failure, religious beliefs, and sexual trauma are the primary causes of erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, ED might lead to additional psychological issues, including emotional distress and lower self, which again worsens ED. Therefore, experts suggest ED patients to seek psychotherapy at the best ED treatment center, as therapy helps in addressing the issues to improve ED. A 2021 research states that psychological interventions like cognitive behavioral therapy are effective in ED treatment without pills.

Demerits of Using Natural Erectile Dysfunction Cure

Lifestyle changes might be an effective natural remedy for male ED treatment, and improving your overall health. However, certain changes, like losing weight, quitting smoking, getting enough night’s sleep and regular consumption of balanced diet might be difficult to achieve. Therefore, often the natural remedies for erectile dysfunction take more time to show the effects. There are no demerits in undergoing natural remedies; however, it is advised to consult with a reputed sexual health clinic in Denver before you start treating your ED.


Erectile dysfunction is a common condition responsible for affecting a man’s relationships, confidence, and quality of life. While the most effective treatment depends on the roots causes of ED; however, natural remedies improve your ED and your overall health.