Acoustic Shockwave Therapy for ED

by ViaSure Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is one of the most common ailments that men suffer from in their life. Erectile dysfunction not only hampers your intimacy with your partner but also affects your overall sexual performance making you feel sexually frustrated. It is important that men treat erection dysfunction at the earliest to ensure a fulfilling sexual life.

Whilst searching for the cure, men come across several methods to get rid of the problem. Some of those methods include consuming certain pills that provide them with a temporary boost and surgery.

Some of these treatments are not always effective. Though you may get a boost for a certain time period, those treatments sometimes fail to give you the permanent fix. That’s exactly when the role of acoustic wave therapy for ED by ViaSure comes into the picture.

What exactly is ViaSure Acoustic Shockwave Therapy for ED?

ViaSure ED Treatment

We understand that many men suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). Thankfully there is now a proven way to help people who live with ED regain control of their sex life with ViaSure treatment, which is non-invasive acoustic shockwave therapy.

As mentioned earlier, some treatments are not always effective, have many side effects, and have some health risks. Luckily, there is a new treatment, The ViaSure treatment, which is completely safe and effective. Best of all, it does not require you to go through any surgery or consume pills.

Renowned across the globe because of its effectiveness to cure the problem, it is one of the best treatments and is clinically proven to treat all the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction. The ViaSure treatment uses a revolutionary new technology called “SoftWave”, which works by increasing the blood flow and helps in restoring the smooth muscles.

It’s a cutting-edge technology helping men get rid of erectile dysfunction without consuming pills, without undergoing surgery, or any downtime, and without breaking the bank since it’s affordable.

How does Acoustic Wave Therapy Actually Work?

Unlike other methods of treating Erectile Dysfunction (ED), ViaSure treatment is way different. It comes with a unique concept as it utilizes reflectors in order to generate shockwaves, which helps penetrate the tissues more effectively than traditional ways.

The reflector design of the device helps to make sure men receive optimal, consistent coverage, and the depth of shockwave energy. 

When delivered, cellular response is triggered resulting in the body’s natural healing process, which involves:

Angiogenesis – Angiogenesis refers to the formation of new blood vessels. Talking about the process, it involves the migration, growth, and differentiation of endothelial cells, which line the inside walls of existing blood vessels. This biological process is regulated by chemical signals in the body. This formation of new blood vessels will result in an increased blood flow in the body.

Proliferation of smooth muscle –VaiSure treatment also results in the proliferation of smooth muscle cells that turns out to be very helpful when it comes to restoring tissue elasticity. This helps men maintain an erection.

With that being said, let’s now take a look at some of the benefits of ViaSure Treatment.


  • It’s a non-invasive acoustic wave therapy for ED treatment and it does not let you experience any downtime.
  • The treatment helps get your spontaneity back and significantly improves intimacy.
  • It’s a quick in-office treatment, which takes about 15 minutes.
  • Undergoing the treatment, you will experience little to no pain at all.
  • The treatment comes with minimal side effects and is highly safe and efficacious.
  • It gets the job done quickly; all you need is just 4 to 6 sessions weekly. However, the period can be extended if required.

Now, let’s take a look at what Softwave technology really is since ViaSure is a shockwave device that utilizes this revolutionary technology of the electro-hydro method. 

A brief about Softwave Technology

The technology has been declared by the FDA and it helps in increasing the supply of blood in our body and effectively modulates inflammation. Apart from that, it also stimulates and activates the stem cells in order to repair and encourage the regeneration of tissues.

It comes with the patented technology that reaches the affected area at the cellular level, thereby accelerating the body’s natural healing process.

So this was pretty much all you needed to know about the ViaSure Treatment. In case you are looking forward to receiving the treatment, feel free to get in touch. We at “The Encore Clinic” will be delighted to help.

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